JR Pass Green 14 Days

Japan, Tokyo
From Rp 8,272,056

14 Days
Up To 99 Pax


The 'Green Pass' entitles you to travel in the 'Green Car', the equivalent of our 1st class, on all Shinkansens and certain fast lines. 1st class comfort This type of Pass is increasingly more popular with foreign travelers as considering the comfort it offers, it is good value for money. The 'Green' car will give you access to a large seat that can recline 40°, a footrest, more space between the seats (an enjoyable feature when you want to stretch out your legs after a long day of visiting), an integrated radio set, a travel magazine as well as space for your luggage. Even more services During your trip in the Green Car on the JR Hokkaido Line, the on-board staff will offer you a small hot towel (oshibori) as well as a hot or cold drink. You can then relax and enjoy the scenery through the large windows. The JR Hokkaido Line is considered to have some of the highest levels of service among all JR lines. This service is offered only to and from Hakodate. Some Green Cars have smoking areas. The latest Shinkansen N700 series has smoking areas near the Green Cars. For travelers who wish to enjoy an even more relaxing journey, private Green compartments can be found on certain Limited Express trains such as the "Super-View Odoriko". To be assured to find a seat Buying this Pass is a good idea if you are planning on traveling during busy times (May, August and September) because, in addition to the fact that there is more space allocated to each travelers, the Green cars are generally less busy. Where to find the Green Cars? There are between 1 and 3 Green Cars depending on the train. They are indicated by a green clover on the side of the carriage. Most frequently, these carriages are located at the front of the train in order to limit the circulation of people looking for the bathrooms. However, in the case of the Shinkansen running on the Tokaido - Sanyo line, the carriages are located next to the stairs so the travelers don't have to walk along the platform. The location of the Green Cars is usually indicated on the platform floor. Please note that the Hikari Rail Star running from Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima or Hakata does not have Green Cars, but the wagon with reserved seats has a very similar layout. Advantages for JR Pass Green is : 1. Seat Reservation : required 2. Seat Reservation Fee : free 3. Seat Size : 475mm

  • JR Pass is a single ticket for your travels to Japan. JR Pass tickets are available for validity of 7 days, 14 days or 21 days and there are also 2 types of JR Pass tickets: Ordinary and Green. You can use for all Japanese Rail (JR) trains, buses or ferries. JR Pass tickets are usually used for inter-city transportation, for example: from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji to Kyoto to Osaka.
  • With JR Pass, you are free to create your own itinerary and visit all Japanese cities as long as your JR Pass ticket is valid.
  • JR Pass Green is a business class type. Seats for JR Pass Green holders are bigger and more comfortable than JR Pass Ordinary.
Price Included
  • Physical tickets to be exchanged for JR Pass Green 14 Days in Japan.
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  • Personal Expenses.
  • Shipping costs are charged by the customer.
Safety and insurance
  • JR Green Pass is include insurance.
  • If you have any question please sen email to support@vizitrip.com.
  • How to Use JR Pass.
  • BUY: Vizitrip provides JR PASS purchase service. You will get a voucher that will be redeemed for a physical ticket when you arrive in Japan (NOTE: You can not buy it when you arrive in Japan Please purchase before you leave for Japan.).
  • EXCHANGE: Upon arrival in Japan, you can redeem the voucher at the exchange office in Japan. Please indicate your voucher and passport to get JR PASS. (Please note the operating hours and JR PASS offsite exchange holidays).
  • USE: Time to use JR PASS! JR PASS can be used for train-Shinkansen, bullet train operated by JR Group such as: limited express trais, express trains, Tokyo Monorail, local trains, including Ferry and Bus.
  • You can pick up your JR Pass in our office for free or we can send to where you stay with Gosend by Gojek (Jakarta area) or JNE (out Jakarta) shipping cost charged by customer.
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You will be given up to 3 months to redeem JR Pass tickets after making payment.
When you redeem a JR Pass ticket, this is the first day of your 14 days activate JR Pass.
The pass is valid on almost all trains operated on the nationwide network of JR (Japan Railways), including shinkansen, limited express, express, rapid and local trains. Below is a map showing the major train lines that can be used with the pass.
JR Pass Green 14 Days