JR Hokuriku Arch Pass 7 Days

Japan, Hokuriku
Rp 3,085,700

  • JR Pass is an ideal travel solution and the best way to enjoy Japan. This is because the cost is affordable and easy to use, JR Pass can be used on all lines of Japan Rail including the most famous nationwide shinkansen train. JR Pass is much cheaper than buying individual train tickets. For other JR Pass collections can be viewed and purchased on a special JR Pass page

Group Size
  • Min - 1 pax
  • Max - 99 pax
Booking due

2 Days Before Departure

What is Hokuriku Arch Pass?
Hokuriku Arch Pass is for exclusive use by foreign tourists visiting Japan, providing unlimited travel for JR train (including Hokuriku Shinkansen) between Tokyo and Osaka via Hokuriku Region. JR Hokuriku Arch 7 Days Pass is valid for seven days in a row.

Age Category:
Age 6-11 years >> Child.
More than 12 years >> Adult.
Price Included
  • JR Hokuriku Arch Pass 7 Days ticket to be exchanged in Japan
Price Excluded
  • Shipping costs are charged by the customer
  • If you have any question please sen email to support@vizitrip.com
Safety and insurance
  • JR Pass is include insurance
Additional Info
  • How to Use JR Pass
  • BUY: Vizitrip provides JR PASS purchase service. You will get a voucher that will be redeemed for a physical ticket when you arrive in Japan (NOTE: You can not buy it when you arrive in Japan Please purchase before you leave for Japan.)
  • EXCHANGE: Upon arrival in Japan, you can redeem the voucher at the exchange office in Japan. Please indicate your voucher and passport to get JR PASS. (Please note the operating hours and JR PASS offsite exchange holidays).
  • USE: Time to use JR PASS! JR PASS can be used for train-Shinkansen, bullet train operated by JR Group such as: limited express trais, express trains, Tokyo Monorail, local trains, including Ferry and Bus.
  • You can pick up your JR Pass in our office for free or we can send to where you stay with Go-Send by Gojek (Jakarta area) or JNE (out Jakarta) shipping cost charged by customer
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Cancelation Policy
  • Purchase that you order is refundable if you wish to cancel, maximum 5 days after booking transaction success, but not refundable if you wish to cancel 5 days before tour date departure.
You will be given up to 3 months to redeem JR Pass tickets after making payment.
When you redeem a JR Pass ticket, this is the first day of your 7 days activate JR Pass.
The pass is valid unlimited use of JR trains between Tokyo and Osaka via the Hokuriku Shinkansen. The pass is also valid on JR trains in central Osaka and central Tokyo, including JR trains to Tokyo's Narita Airport and Osaka's Kansai Airport and the Tokyo Monorail to Tokyo's Haneda Airport.